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Our School

Welcome to the IJDS Academy, a Jewish Modern Orthodox school based in the heart of Hendon.

Ready, respect, safe.

These are the values we instil in our children here at IJDS. With an equal emphasis on Kodesh and Chol seemlessly complementing each other, we ensure every pupil has the confidence to exist as a proud  practising Jew whilst making their own individual contributions to secular society, with a deep love and respect for Eretz Yisroel. Resilient, reflective and respective learners, our ambitious pupils are always ready for the next stage in life - culminating in their eventual transition to secondary school. An IJDS pupil is ready to learn and give back, respectful to their studies, environment and each other,  and safe and we are honoured to be tasked with overseeing their ongoing development.



Mrs Schajer - Headteacher