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Please join us on Wednesday 6th November at 9am so we can introduce you to the IJDS and let us show you what makes the IJDS different. There will be an opportunity to hear from our Head Teacher and Head of Kodesh, meet our pupils and to take a walk around and see our school in action. Pre-registration is essential, please email with details of who will be attending.


We are accepting applications for September 2020 to IJDS Gan. Parents should complete our application form and SIF and send it to the school office by 13th December 2019.

We reserve the right not to consider applications received after this date if we are over subscribed.

The over subscription criteria for entry to Gan are the same as for entry higher up the school.

Please note that admission into the Gan does not guarantee a place in Hachana.

IJDS Admission Arrangements for September 2020 onwards and for in year admissions from September 2020:

To apply for a place at the IJDS you need to:

  1. consider our admission arrangements
  2. complete an application form
  3. complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF)
  4. apply through the e-admissions website

The relevant forms and a copy of our admission arrangements can be accessed below:

IJDS Admission Arrangements – September 2020

IJDS Application Form

SIF 2019-2020

If you have any further queries please email the school office at and title your email ‘admissions’.

IJDS Flexible offer for Gan Provision

The IJDS is proud to announce its flexible offering for Gan provision. The Gan is open daily (Monday - Fridays) from 8.30am until 3.30pm and in the winter from 8.30am until 1.00pm on Fridays. If you would like any further information on what this means for your child please contact the and Mrs Masters will pass your query onto the relevant member of the Senior Leadership Team.